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Jambik dwarfs his older brother who, at 14, is two times his age but fifty percent his excess weight. In accordance with his mother, Nelya Kabardarkova, Jambik eats Ordinarily and exercise routines each day. So, Ian will have to think about if a hormonal imbalance or genetic condition can demonstrate Jambik’s bodyweight.

Dzhambik is so significant that There's not place for Considerably else in his existence. He's hostage to the eye that his enormousness provides him. Folks feed him; people today take a look at how huge He's. He can take fantastic pleasure in throwing his body weight down on to his only true piece of furniture, a metal-framed mattress, grinning mainly because it groans underneath his bodyweight.

. It absolutely was the start of a short media vocation that led to a number of documentaries, as well as a rash of stories merchandise on the kid.

Fats boy would not trim: Dzhambik Khatokhov insists He's satisfied with his measurement and aspires for being an Olympic wrestler

At just seven yrs previous Dzhambulat Khatokhov ('Jambik' for brief) is 4 foot 3 inches tall and weighs sixteen stone - about a infant elephant. He dwarfs his more mature brother that is twice his age and a lot less than fifty percent his pounds. No person knows why Jambik is so large, or what This suggests for his long-term health and fitness.

" Then she adds: "He is satisfied that dimensions. It is far from shameful. He likes demonstrating people how robust he is."

In Moscow, Nelya is excited via the options it provides for advancing Jambik’s sporting and celebrity job “I hope that, in Moscow, some producer or trainer will satisfy with Jambik and acquire him underneath his wing to mould his profession for the longer term”. She is not anticipating that the exams will deliver any new insights into Jambik’s problem.

It need to be a complicated romantic relationship, Dzambik and food items. It has introduced him his fame, and if he stops feeding on so much, then He'll spend the rest of his lifetime as the man who was the fattest kid on this planet.

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At just seven many years aged Dzhambulat Khatokhov ('Jambik' for brief) is four foot 3 inches tall and weighs sixteen stone - around a little one elephant. He dwarfs his more mature brother who is twice his age and a lot less than half his excess weight. Nobody is aware why Jambik is so large, or what This suggests for his extended-time period wellness.

It should be an advanced connection, Dzambik and food stuff. It's brought him his fame, and when he stops ingesting a lot, then He'll devote the remainder of his daily life as The person who was once the fattest child on earth.

Dzhambik will not like dropping at draughts, and is particularly much more than a handful when not happy. As Nelya variations him outside of his wrestling vest and places on his Ronaldinho soccer shirt, he grumpily decides to thump her several instances.

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